The Drive-Thru Zoo And Your Family: Questions, Reasons To Visit, And More

Why should you visit a drive-thru zoo? You're the director of family fun for your household. You've heard about this type of zoo—but aren't exactly sure what it is, when to go, or why to visit. Take a look at what you need to know about this type of animal-filled activity and the top reasons to visit a drive-thru attraction.

Is A Drive-Thru Easier With Young Children?

Do you worry that your toddler will bolt and run away from you during a trip to a traditional walk-through zoo? If your child is in a newly independent rebellious stage, a drive-through is an easier (and often safer) option to explore. But this isn't the only reason to visit one of these types of zoos. You may also find that it's easier to drive through the attraction with your child safely strapped inside of the car seat than push a stroller or pull a wagon through the park.

Should You Try A Drive-Thru With Children Of Different Ages?

Yes, this type of zoo is an ideal option for a family with children of different ages. Again, you can easily drive through the park with your toddler or preschooler strapped into their car seat. But your older children can also take in the sights from the back seat of the car. If you also have a newborn or older infant, you won't need to worry about carrying them through the zoo or pushing a stroller as you also chase after your older kiddos.

Are There Other Reasons To Visit This Type of Zoo?

Convenience is a major factor in the decision to go to a drive-through park. But it isn't the only reason to explore this type of zoo. A drive-through park is the perfect choice if one of your children or a household member has a contagious illness. Whether your preschooler has strep throat or you have a cold, you can remain socially distant for the entire trip to the zoo. Instead of standing in lines or shoulder to shoulder as you watch the animals, you can stay in your car's "family bubble."

You may also want to consider this zoo option if the weather is chilly or drizzling, your family doesn't like crowds, or you just want to try a different way of visiting some of your favorite animals. Instead of watching from behind the bars of a cage, some zoos allow the animals to roam on or near the road that visitors travel. This creates a more exciting, engaging experience for children of all ages and adults. 

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