Organize An Escape Room Corporate Event

An escape room challenge requires open communication, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. You and your employees will enjoy participating in an escape room session during the next corporate event that you host. 

Escape Rooms

An escape room venue offers several themed rooms to choose from. A storyline, clues, decorations, and furnishings are featured in each room. Participants will need to review the storyline that they are presented with. Then, they will need to work together to find and solve clues. Maps, anagrams, and puzzles are some of the clues that escape room participants may need to solve. If the participants are able to successfully solve all of the clues, the door to the escape room will open.

Timed Events

Escape room activities are timed events. The complexity of a storyline, plus the number of clues that will need to be solved, may be a factor in how long a group of participants will have to escape a room. Before a group enters the escape room that has been assigned, the team players will be given a timeframe in which they should try to escape the room. If a group of escape room players is successful, they may be given awards or other token prizes that the venue supplies. 

Booking Requirements

Contact an escape room venue. Inquire about the booking requirements that you will need to fulfill in advance. Escape rooms are each designed to support a set amount of participants. If you have a lot of employees who will be taking part in an escape room challenge, reserve multiple escape rooms. You may have the opportunity to pay in advance or pay on the day that you and your employees will actively be spending time at the escape room venue.

Employee Memos

Prepare employee memos that outline the upcoming corporate event. Include information about the venue, the time that the event will commence, and the transportation arrangements that have been made.

Team Shirts

Order t-shirts that your employees can wear during the escape room challenge. If you booked reservations for several escape rooms, order a specific-colored shirt for each team. Hand the shirts out before you and your workers are due to depart for the escape room activity. 

After the Escape Room

You and your employees may want to celebrate after the escape room activity. Consider treating your workers to lunch. During the meal, your employees can share their escape room experiences with one another. 

Contact a local escape room to learn more about escape room corporate events.

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