Summer Reading: Why You Should Include the Newspaper in Your Child's Must-Read List

If you are looking for creative ways to get your child away from technology this summer, look no further than the newspaper. Subscribing to the newspaper during the summer months is a great way to explore local events and learn about news stories with your child. Often overlooked as an educational source, the newspaper has a lot to offer.

Learn about your town

With so much time spent online interacting on social media platforms, the local community often gets overlooked. In fact, you may be surprised how little many people know about the local town they live in. The local section of the newspaper is a great place for you and your child to learn about your community.

Learn about upcoming events your child may want to participate in. It is also fun to learn about people in your local area who are making a difference in the community or world. Reading their stories may inspire your child to start their own cause.

Learn what is happening around the world

Choose age-appropriate articles from the world section of the newspaper to provide your child with knowledge of what is going on in other countries and areas your child may not be familiar with. From fun facts about the culture of other places to unique foods served from faraway countries, your child can gain a lot of knowledge about the world from the newspaper.

Take your learning a step further by allowing your child to pick one new country found in the newspaper to study each week. Visit the local library and check out a book for further information about the area to read with your child.

Enjoy the photos and fun activities

Newspapers are full of interesting photos. For younger children, photos can be used to tell a story. Let your child pick a photo that stands out to them and discuss it. They can also cut out photos to place in a journal or to make a collage.

Help your child do the crossword puzzle or word search often included in the newspaper. Many papers also have a children's section filled with fun activities and games. Your child will look forward to getting the paper each day to explore these new games.

The newspaper may not be the first thing on a parent's mind when they start to plan summer activities for their child. However, the newspaper holds a rich treasure trove of learning opportunities for your child to explore. From local events to fun activity pages, the newspaper has plenty to offer your child. For more information, contact your local newspaper, for example, The Wayne County News, to learn more.

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