3 Ways To Use Wholesale Fireworks In Short Film Productions

Making short movies at home isn't quite like a full-fledged Hollywood production. Lower budgets often mean you have to think outside the box and find some unique ways to work on special effects. The purchase of wholesale fireworks can really ramp up production and allow you to showcase fireworks in action.

Check out three ways to use wholesale fireworks in your short films and how to use them to create memorable scenes.

1. Miniature Creations

Fireworks come in unique designs and shapes to help showcase various scenes. For example, you can purchase firework products shaped as cars or tanks that roll when they are lit and shoot off streams of sparklers. When shooting at low angles, make the vehicle designs seem life-size and use editing tricks to make the fireworks seem like a big explosion.

You could also set up miniatures like a house or building and set off a fountain firework directly behind the model. Play around with different angles and options to fit within your story and make the scenes look realistic.

2. Space Movies

When fireworks light off at night, the explosions create beautiful views of the night sky. The unique projectiles can represent a lot of sci-fi elements if your film is space-based. Use the launch and different elements of a firework display to showcase space rockets, UFOs, or even a planet exploding.

Shop around at a wholesale firework store to see what designs elements work for the film. Many of the firework product listings include previews of the explosions so you have a good idea of what the product will look like when you record it for a short movie.

When you light off a series of fireworks, the smoke elements may create a unique look for your film. The smoke adds a mysterious element and can form in many shapes, styles, and colors as you play around with firework products.

3. Sound Effects

Fireworks are not only visually appealing, but they create spectacular sounds when lit off. Take advantage of the loud booms to create realistic and real-time sound effects in your footage. For example, if you are creating an action film, light off string fireworks to create a continuous popping sound.

Some fireworks emphasize the loud booms and the natural sounds will provide a short film with a lot of sound options. In some cases, you may record the footage and just use the sound elements in post-production.

The more you shop for wholesale fireworks, the more variety you can consider for a film production.

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