4 Unique Features Of Horror Vinyl Collections

Owning a piece of your favorite horror movie on vinyl comes with some unique features catered directly towards horror fans. Whether you actively listen to the soundtrack or collect them for display purposes, you can find a lot of use out of the horror vinyl collections.

Check out four unique features found in the soundtrack releases.

1. Alternate Movie Artwork

While many movie releases will feature the same poster art for movie designs, the square shape of a vinyl record cover gives a lot of options for designs. Many horror movie vinyl soundtracks feature alternate artwork from the film's original poster. With the artwork, you can have a nice display piece that features different characters and styles from other media.

In some cases, the record may feature completely original art to go with the music. You can frame the unique designs or display them on your shelf with other records in the collection.

2. Blood Splattered Records

While many collectors like a solid black vinyl record, many horror movie soundtracks take themes from the films and implement them into a vinyl disc design. Blood splattered effects can be used directly on the disc to add another element and add an original look to the disc design.

Besides blood, the designs may include signature characters or props associated with the movies. For example, a vinyl soundtrack could feature a bloody chainsaw or a zombie's hand. The unique designs offer unique visuals as the record spins on a record player.

3. B-Side Alternate Tracks

The reverse side of a horror movie soundtrack may often contain alternate versions of the original soundtrack. You can hear tracks not used in the original production, scrapped audio, or other horror movie tracks from the same composer.

Look at the full track listings for records to see how the soundtrack is expanded. You will enjoy a lot of bonus content through expanded soundtrack options. For example, some of the tracks with vocals may feature the full songs without the vocals on the track.

4. Digital Remastering

A new vinyl release will often include tracks that have been digitally remastered. Even on an older form of media like vinyl, you can enjoy a better sound quality. You can hear instruments clearer and more of the subtle parts of a horror score. When the record is paired with a newer record player and sound system, you can notice the changes even more.

In a horror movie, the soundtrack plays a vital part and a remastered record will help you appreciate all of the work and details that went into creating the music. Contact a company that provides horror vinyl collections for more information. 

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