2 Ways To Find A Book To Read

A steamy romance is a great way to escape from real life. Pair that romance with a quality story, one that's full of thrilling suspense, and you've got an even better book. However, choosing the right story to read can be difficult because there are so many books to choose from. With so many books published already and new ones coming out every day — both independently and traditionally published — there are a number of ways that you can find a book that will work for you. Check out the ideas below to get ideas on how to find the adult romantic suspense novel that's right for you.

Book Blog

One way you can do choose a book you know you'll enjoy is to read a book blog or two. These blogs may just share the blurbs and basic information about a book, or the blogger may have read the book and may share a complete review about the book, including a synopsis and how the book made them feel. There are book blogs that books of all genres, as well as blogs that specialize in a certain genre, so you can find a blog that specializes in romance and will have information about adult romantic suspense novels and thrillers. 

Bestseller Lists

Check online for bestseller lists. A number of newspapers and most websites that sell books have bestseller lists. You can check out those lists on the days that they are printed, usually a Wednesday or a Sunday, and see what the papers have to say. Bookselling sites may have a number of bestseller lists, broken down by genre, trope, or style. So, you may be able to find a list that shows best selling romantic suspense books, or a list that shows high selling books in a romantic comedy subgenre. Those lists make it easy to find what you want without having to sort through books that don't fit what kind of mood you are looking for. 


Another thing you can do is to get recommendations from other readers and even other authors. You can do this by following them on social media and seeing what books they are reading or what books they are writing, or what their author friends have written recently. You can also follow author newsletters. That will keep you updated on when their book releases are happening as well as what they are working on. 


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A steamy romance is a great way to escape from real life. Pair that romance with a quality story, one that's full of thrilling suspense, and you've go

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