Inflatable Bounce House Rentals And Warm-Weather Safety

Spring carnivals, backyard barbeques, and birthday parties are all made better with inflatable bounce house rentals. But, as the weather warms and the sun-soaked days become longer, safety becomes an outdoor activity concern. Before your next bounce house bash, take a look at the spring and summer safety tips that can keep your kiddos happy, healthy, and bouncing all day long.

Skin Sun Protection

Don't skip the sunscreen — even on a shady day. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 80 percent of the sun's damaging rays can penetrate the skin on cloudy days. Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection isn't just for pool and beach days. Whenever your child is outside, they need this type of lotion, cream, or spray.

Choose a broad-spectrum product that's water resistant and has an SPF of 30 or higher. Cover all exposed skin, reapplying every two hours (more if your child is sweating).

Allergy Issues

Does your child have outdoor or seasonal allergies? Do their party guests? A spring-time bounce house activity may put the allergy-prone child in direct contact with their triggers. These often include plants, flowers, and the pollen that comes from your garden's greenery.

If your child has seasonal allergies, make sure they take medications prior to bouncing. The heavy aerobic activity combined with the allergen trigger can magnify a reaction, making your child, cough, sneeze, or wheeze.

Safety Rules

Provide everyone, including your own child and any parents/adult helpers, with a full list of the safety rules. Ask the bounce house rental service if they have specific rules you're required to follow. These may include how many children can bounce at one time, what the maximum weight limit is, or what types of activities are allowed in the inflatable. Beyond these regulations, provide all party guests with your own home safety rules.

First Aid Ideas

No one expects an injury. But accidents can happen — even if you're vigilant about supervision. While you can't always avoid injuries, you can take steps to treat them as soon as possible. Minimize the risk of infection, added injury, or discomfort by keeping a first aid kit nearby.

You can buy a ready-made first aid kit from most drugstores. If you go this route, check what's inside the kit regularly to make sure everything is stocked and not out of date. Another option is to put together your own kit. Add bandages, gauze, a break-and-take style cold pack, antibiotic ointment, and anything else you feel is necessary to treat minor injuries.

Choosing an inflatable bounce house rentals service for your next party, fair, or gathering is an exciting option. From sun protection to first aid, you can make the inflatable adventure a safe activity for everyone involved.

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