How To Choose The Right Tradeshow Model For Your Trade Show

It may be the first time you have decided to open a trade show booth, and you are now planning how you would like to set it up. It could be that you want to have tradeshow models to help promote your product. This is a great way to get your booth noticed as models can create a sense of excitement around your exhibit.

How do you choose the right trade show model for your exhibit? Here are a few tips to follow.

Hire from a Well-Known Agency

If you have never hired models before, always pick your staff from a well-known agency. You could check online for reputable agencies and check their ratings. You could also ask the event organizers if they can recommend an agency that has models that would suit your needs. You could ask other industry insiders for recommendations for agencies, too.

Take your time to review the models the agency has and to read through the policies of the agency to ensure its a good fit.

Professional Photos and Resumes

You will know the agency you choose is truly a professional company when you take a look at the models' photos and resumes. They should not be selfies that have filters applied to them. When you ask to see the models, the photos should be concise and clear headshots and body shots. Always ensure that the agency keeps updated photos and resumes.

The models' resumes should include every type of work they have done listed from the most recent to the oldest. You can scan each resume to see if the model has completed any of the type of work that you need them to do. The resume should include their education.

Hire Experienced Talent

If it's your first trade show and the first time you have hired models, it's a good idea to hire experienced ones. Review your shortlist to see if they have any tradeshow experience. They may have worked as a promotional model or even a brand ambassador at other jobs, but tradeshow work requires a lot of interactions with the public as well as other industry professionals.

They need to be able to learn about your product and to speak of it with confidence. They need to have good communication skills. You can also call for references and ask about how they did at previous shows.

Interest In Your Product 

When you interview your candidates, select models that have an actual interest in your product. It is better to work with someone who knows about your industry, products, or services and has a lot of knowledge and excitement about it.

You could ask them if they have ever worked for a company they didn't really have knowledge of or didn't believe in. This will give you a good idea if they are here for just the paycheck or if they will truly be enthusiastic about your product.

For help contracting a model, contact a trade show model casting service.

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