Tips For Success When You Attend A Trivia Night

If you're brainstorming a different way to spend a night out with friends, you might wish to look for an upcoming trivia night in your community. These events, which often take place at pubs and other similar establishments, commonly have a charitable component, meaning that your attendance will provide financial support to a local charity. To make the most out of this type of event, there are some tips that you'll want to keep in mind. Here are some ways to find success at a trivia night event.

Create A Balanced Team

Although there's nothing wrong with just gathering up your closest circle of friends to partake in this event, you may wish to change your strategy a little if you're intent on winning. A key to success is to ensure that your team is as balanced as possible. Generally, trivia nights will involve trivia questions from a host of different topics. Think of the people you know and try to assemble people who each possess deep knowledge about topics such as history, pop culture, politics, sports, arts and entertainment, health, and more. Sometimes, trivia nights will advertise a specific theme for their questions, so keep this detail in mind, too.

Pick A Strategic Area

Try to get to the trivia night early. By doing so, you'll be able to scan the room for the best table to sit your team. Although the exact approach that you take depends on the layout of the room, you generally want to be close enough to the front that you'll be able to clearly hear the trivia questions. With a seat toward the back of an excited and loud room, it may be difficult to always hear the questions. Additionally, a table toward the side of the room can keep you out of earshot of other tables, whose members may overhead your answers as you discuss them.

Assign Team Roles

While trivia nights can take different forms, it's generally a good idea to assign roles to each member of your team. For example, you might want to have a team spokesperson. Another idea to consider is to have someone equipped with a pen and a pad of paper who can jot down ideas as your group brainstorms. This should be a member of your team who can write quickly and legibly. Another idea is to have a person who is in charge of making the final decision; you can switch up this person for each round so that everyone has a say.

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