Fun Second Date Ideas In Manhattan That Don't Include A Restaurant

Every corner in Manhattan seems to have a restaurant or cafe, so it seems like everyone is always dining out. But if you are looking for a date idea and don't want to go to one of the ubiquitous restaurants, you're very lucky. There are so many different places to go in Manhattan that you don't have to worry about sticking to a restaurant. So, if you feel that going to a restaurant two dates in a row is going to be a bit boring, then here are some ideas to consider.


Many people imagine that they have to travel to go kayaking. That's because when they think of kayaking, they conjure up the idea of white water rafting and far-off places such as Colorado. However, there are kayaking opportunities located right in the New York City area. For instance, you can take an inland kayaking trip down the Bronx River. This is a leisurely trip that will take you past some amazing sights, including right thorough the lush botanical garden of The Bronx. Or, you might want to head to the Hudson River and take your kayak out with your date and join a group of people to tour the coast of Manhattan.

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you and your date are planning on going out when it's raining, you will probably want to do something indoors, so kayaking is out.  But if you want to do something active, you still have choices. One really cool thing to do is to go to an indoor rock climbing spot. You will be able to practice climbing in a safe environment and also have lots of fun. The indoor rock walls have grips and there are pads at the base, plus there are safety lines that you can attach to, which help you as you climb.

Art Class

If you want something a bit more relaxing and don't feel like climbing a big rock wall, then you should choose an art class. You and your date will get a chance to paint in a studio with an instructor. The paint, canvas, and art supplies will all be on hand. It's a cool way to get a chance to paint without having to source all the materials yourself (which can end up being quite expensive). So, if your date has mentioned that they always wanted to be an artist, this is a perfect date idea.


If you really want a fun date idea, then bowling is perfect. It's a perfect mix of active and relaxing; a great comprise between the strenuous rock climbing and the laid-back art class. And if you don't feel like going to a bowling alley where there are lots of kids, you can choose a bowling alley that is designed for adults. These bowling alleys will often have cool lights (sometimes there are neon lit nights) along with a nightclub-style music setup. You can also have food and drinks served up while you bowl. Places like Sparetimes Bowling are great for dates like this.

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