Plan An Ocean-Themed Wedding Reception To Be Held On A Private Yacht

If you are marrying your long time partner and would like to celebrate your union with friends and family during an ocean-themed wedding reception that is held on a private yacht, the following ideas will assist with planning a unique and memorable celebration.

Tiki Bar

When reserving the yacht for the reception, inquire about bringing some props along with you to create an ocean-themed environment. A small bar inside of the yacht can be decorated to recreate a tiki bar. Unroll a bamboo mat across the bar. Place coconuts along the edges of the bar. Drape a string of colorful lights across the top of the bar before using hooks to hang seashell ornaments from the wire sections that are located in between lights.

If you will be hiring a bartender for your reception, request that they create a variety of brightly-colored cocktails that contain fruit to remind guests of drinks that they may usually indulge in while on a vacation in a tropical location. 

Ocean-Themed Appetizers, Entrees, And Place Settings

Hire a caterer to prepare ocean-themed appetizers, such as shrimp and scallop kabobs, crab cakes, and oysters on a bed of lettuce. When planning the menu for the main courses that will be served, you can opt for fresh fish fillets or seafood stew. Of course, you should add some additional appetizers and entrees to the menu that do not contain fish in case some of your guests are allergic to specific varieties or prefer not to eat seafood.

Decorate the dining area with tablecloths that contain a seashell or ocean wave print. Use dinnerware that contrasts with each of the tablecloths. Fill glass bowls with sand and seashells and use them as centerpieces for the tables. 

Beach Music And Dancing

Hire a disc jockey to play a variety of beach music. Write down a list of songs that you would like the disc jockey to play and ask them for suggestions, concerning additional beach songs. Ask the DJ to wear a beach shirt, shorts, sunglasses, and beach hat to fit in with the theme of the celebration. Blow up beach balls and place them around the perimeter of the dance floor.

After the DJ has played several tunes that your guests have requested, ask everyone to clear the dance floor. Carry a long stick to the center of the floor. Ask for two volunteers to assist you with holding the ends of the stick. Afterward, the DJ can play The Limbo and each person can line up and take their turn trying to slightly bend backwards as they go underneath the stick.

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