Office Scene: Three Ways To Perform Team Building With Movies

If your office needs a little bit more entertainment, one of the best ways to get some team work done and have a lot of fun is to use movies for team building. Most managers may not be used to integrating movies as a part of the team building process, but there are a number of ways that movies can help your office learn about each other and the roles played within the office. Here are three ways to use movies to help with team building exercises:

The critical moment

Most movies have a critical moment in the movie, in which the main character must choose a path or make a big decision. Though this seems like the standard way that a plot works within a movie, it is also important to remember that life typically goes like this as well. Watch the important clips of the movie leading up to the critical moment with the office staff. Once the critical moment hits, talk about how you all would have handled the moment in order to get the best result. During this discussion, everyone is likely to have a different opinion. Everyone is also like to hear something that they wouldn't have thought of or another point of view that makes sense. Critical movie moments can help an entire office staff learn about one another.  

What character would you add?

though you may enjoy movies, it is not unusual to feel like something or someone was missing. Pick a popular movie to show to your office and ask everyone to determine what roles they would add to the film to make the film better. Sometimes an added supportive friend, wise elder, or fun-loving pal can make the difference within the film. Along with choosing a character to add to the movie, ask everyone to write down who would play the character that they chose to add. This is a fun way to figure out everyone's perception in the office. 

Staff selection

Have the staff select a major motion picture that they feel best describes the overall way that the office works. This can be a drama, a comedy, or period movie. At the end of the movie, everyone should contribute how they feel the movie is just like the aura and attitude of the office. Have everyone contribute a way that they think that the movie, and therefore the office, could change to have a cleaner or happier middle and ending. This will allow everyone to understand the current aura of the office and determine how to change it for the better.  

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