Having Fun While Minimizing Real Fear In A Haunted House

Haunted houses are a fun way to have some Halloween fun by creating a little artificial fear in a controlled environment. However, if you fall a victim to real fear or panic, haunted houses can become terrifying. Here is how you can have fun in a haunted house without experiencing true terror.

Expect Something Around Every Corner

In a haunted house, a brooding atmosphere is created by tapping into our fear of the unknown. People are almost instinctively afraid of things that are new or which they don't understand. One of the best ways that you can balance out that fear in a haunted house is by expecting something to pop up just around every corner.

So every time you see a door, a window, or a curve in the house, expect something to pop out. This expectation is a large part of the fun of a haunted house, and tapping into it is crucial for avoiding falling a victim to real fear or panic.

Take Advantage Of Quiet Moments

Haunted houses are designed to pull you through a thrill ride from one peak to the next, which creates a very specific rhythm. There isn't a lot of time to just sit and relax, but there should be several quiet moments spread throughout. These are designed to be a "calm before the storm" (i.e. a relaxing moment before the next big scare is sprung on you).

Take advantage of these quiet moments by gathering your wits and preparing for the next scare. Though there's no telling what it might be, you can usually anticipate that something is going to be happening pretty soon. Just don't let the spooky music and atmosphere get to you.

Calming Potential Panic Attacks

As you move through the haunted house, a sense of fear might start to develop and potentially become severe enough to become a panic attack. A good haunted house will have an emergency crew that can help out anyone that suffers from this problem, but it is one that is important to avoid if you want to have real fun in a haunted house.

The trick is to acknowledge that your panic is building, accept it, and work toward making yourself more comfortable. This may require laughing during "scares" or repeating calming breathing exercises. Remember, haunted houses are a fun experience and nobody in there is going to hurt you.

By following these simple steps, you can have the kind of fearful excitement that only haunted houses can offer. Try bringing along a group of friends to further increase your courage and to have a support group in case things do get too scary.

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